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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Chat

    1. How can I resolve the "password not verified" issue during connection to Chat server using Firebase or Custom Identity Provider
    2. Why do I receive the error, "Socket closed by remote peer."?
    3. How many users can join a group chat?
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  2. Video/audio calling / Conference

    1. How can I customize the link lifetime for downloading audio/video records?
    2. Echo and noise cancellation
    3. How do I take a screenshot using Android SDK?
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  3. Push notifications

    1. Firebase push notifications configuration checklist
    2. How can I check push notification logs?
    3. How do users retrieve chat messages that are delivered when the user is offline?
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  4. Account information

    1. Why do I receive "Something went wrong" when go to the "Billing" page in the Admin panel?
    2. Why do I receive "QuickBlox: your account inactivity" email?
    3. Why did my payment fail?
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  5. General (QuickBlox)

    1. Do you have UI customization features for an application?
    2. Do you provide ready-to-use messenger and video calling applications?
    3. How can I remove my personal data (protected by GDPR) from QuickBlox?
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  6. General (technical)

    1. Why do I receive "failed to emit precompiled header" or "Module QuickBlox not found" errors?
    2. Why do I get an “Unexpected signature” error?
    3. How can I retrieve chat dialogs and message history for my application?
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  7. Custom Objects

    1. Why do I get ''403 Undefined class'' error message when uploading a file?
    2. How can I use emojis in my messages
    3. Is there an API to get a list of all Custom Object classes?
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  8. User Module

    1. How can I restrict retrieving a list of users?
    2. Why do I receive a "User sign-ups are restricted" error?
    3. Which symbols are allowed for use in the login field?
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