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Why do I receive "failed to emit precompiled header" or "Module QuickBlox not found" errors?

You may face "failed to emit precompiled header" or "Module QuickBlox not found" errors while building your project with QuickBlox ready-to-use iOS sample. In order to resolve the issue, please proceed with the steps below :

- make sure that iOS deployment target is 13.0 ( you can check iOS deployment target in General tab settings for project)

- run the command 'pod deintegrate'

- clean project and run 'pod install', 'pod update' 

The issue can be related to the difference in version of Cocoapods on a device and the one used for lockfile.

Feel free to check our official documentation for more information that will help you to integrate QuickBlox services into your applications / projects or contact our Support team by submitting a ticket if you have any other questions.

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