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Do you provide ready-to-use messenger and video calling applications?

Yes, we provide Q-Municate and Q-Consultation applications for cross-platform and web video calling and instant messaging.

Q-Municate is our fully customizable secure messenger application that comes with a ton of communication features. Our cross-platform app works natively on iOS or Android devices, as well as web desktop platforms to enable you to communicate everywhere.

You can find more information about Q-Municate here: Q-Municate | QuickBlox

Q-Consultation is a ready solution for any number of possible video consultation use cases. You can create a virtual meeting room experience with real-time communication that works on any mobile device and the web.

You can find more information about Q-Consultation here: Q-Consultation | QuickBlox

Feel free to contact our Sales team if you are interested in a ready-to-use application that you can easily run on your iOS, Android and Web devices.

Additionally, we have clear ready-to-use code samples for each platform. You can find them here: Code Samples | QuickBlox

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