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What if I receive the error "The application is disabled due to API calls limit violations"?

There could be a case when you get the error: Request failed: bad request (400) "The application is disabled due to API calls limit violations. If you are an app developer, please, contact Tech Support via"

If you receive this error, please check the following points:

1. The error "bad request (400)" may be caused by a missing or invalid parameter. Please make sure that the request is correct.

2. Also, the issue may be related to the exceeding of API calls limit which means that you have some active users who generate the number of API calls that exceeds the limit of your current plan. Feel free to check this article:

3. If the issue is not related to the API calls limit and there are few API calls, please submit a ticket providing the following points so we can investigate the issue further:

1) When did this issue happen? Did the issue happen before or after implementing recent changes into your code?
2) Is this issue intermittent or permanent?
3) What are the steps to reproduce on our side?
4) Did you get this issue in your code or on samples?
5) Please try reproducing the issue on our samples to understand if the issue is related to the client-side implementation or server-side performance.Here is a link:
6) SDK version.
7) Full REST + XMPP logs as an attachment to this ticket in .txt format. There should be QB SDKs logs from application start till request and "wrong" response (error). You can find out how to gather logs here:

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