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What file extensions are allowed?

You can upload / download files with any extensions on the Cloud server.

If you would like to limit file extensions, please consider upgrading to Enterprise plan.

For security reasons only the following file extensions are allowed on the Enterprise server by default in the latest version of QuickBlox software: 

gif jpeg jpg mov mp4 png csv doc docx fodg fodp fods fodt gz log md odf odg odp ods odt pdf ppt pptx txt xls xlsx zip webm opus heic

If you would like to expand this list, please contact our Support team and we will add necessary extensions to this list or remove this limitation at all. 

More information about Enterprise plans and configurations you can find here: Robust, secure, customizable communication solutions for Enterprises

Feel free to contact our Sales team for more details about QuickBlox services and solutions for your applications / projects.

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