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What’s the difference between custom objects and content modules?

There are several features that characterize each storage.

Content Module features:

- the maximum size of an uploaded file is 50 MB for Cloud plans. (For details about file size limits on each plan see, Pricing | QuickBlox)

- allows the use of file public/private url;

- upload, download, and store rich attachments (e.g. photos, videos, documents etc.)

- manage text, rich text, and media via easy-to-use Dashboard.
- content synchronization for all users anytime.

You can find more information about Content you can find here: 

 iOS | Android | JavaScript | React Native | Flutter | Server API

Custom objects features:

- flexibility to define any data structure (schema).

- build 1-to-many relations between schemas.
- various custom objects API like filters, permissions etc.

- CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations.

- flexible retrieval API to get a list of different records / objects.

You can find more information about Custom objects here: 

 iOS | Android | JavaScript | React Native | Flutter | Server API

Feel free to check our official documentation for more information that will help you to integrate QuickBlox services into your applications / projects or contact our Support team by submitting a ticket if you have any other questions.

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