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Guide to the new QuickBlox Help Center

What is the change? 

QuickBlox will migrate shortly from the server Help center to the latest cloud version.

This will give us additional tools to better track customer’s requests and automate some processes.

How to use the new QuickBlox Help Center:

This is the guide for users from the old portal 

1. In order to review and reply to your old tickets in the new QuickBlox Help Center, you need to reset your password.

2. Follow the Forgot password link and enter your email address.

Then you will receive an email with a reset password link.

3. When the password has been successfully reset, please go to the Sign In page and log into your Help Center account.

In case of any issues related to your account, please create a new conversation and describe the issue in detail.

Major changes for customers:

- Tickets are replaced by conversations.

Mainly, the conversation interface is similar to the old ticket interface but becomes more customer-friendly and easy to use.

- Two-factor authentication: you can enable 2FA for your Help Center account.

Easily follow the instructions in the article by following this link:
- Closed tickets cannot be reopened.
Instead of Closed status, the status of tickets will be changed to Completed.

- Security points

  1. SSL encryption 

  2. Responsible disclosure policy 

  3. DDoS mitigation 

  4. Disaster recovery and backup 

  5. Redundancy 

  6. Separate environments 

  7. Architecture and trust zones 

More information regarding each point can be found here Security

All information about the changes can be found by following these links:

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