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  • Can I create one generic user for all chat sessions?

    Yes, you can.  In order to do so, you need to register QuickBlox account, log into your admin panel and add your application.  Then get tokens and keys to access your application (check the section Au...

  • Is it possible to store application session via REST?

    In the current version of QuickBlox software it is not possible to store application session via REST.  If the application is closed the session will be lost and user will need to log in again. This k...

  • Cannot access

    Cannot access In order to access this API you need to use POST request, not GET one. More information you can check here

  • DELETE and PUT commands do not work, why?

    In order to use QuickBlox API you need to create session. After this you will have READ access to the QuickBlox environment. In order to CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE records you must be logged in and act on u...