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  1. Chat

    1. How to handle message statuses (iOS/Android/JavaScript/React Native/Flutter)?
    2. How to keep the chat session alive
    3. How can I get extended room information?
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  2. Users

    1. I want to verify and store users info with help of Custom Object table instead of Users module, is it possible?
    2. How to get a list of rooms where the user is logged in?
    3. Can I delete QuickBlox user accounts within the QuickBlox Admin panel?
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  3. Content

    1. Is there any way to retrieve all blobs uploaded by opponent?
    2. How to tag content?
    3. Is it possible to access direct URL of a public image using blob id?
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  4. Messages

    1. How can I increment the badge counter each time a push notification is received (iOS/REST API)?
    2. How to get sender data in the chat when message is received?
  5. Location

    1. Is it possible to extract locations using iOS/Android/JavaScript/React Native/Flutter SDKs?
  6. Custom Objects

    1. Is it possible to upload image to Custom Object (iOS)?
    2. Is it possible to join two JSON objects into one query?
    3. How to delete all custom objects for a specific class?
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  7. Gathering logs guides

    1. Gathering logs (issues with chat)
    2. Gathering logs (issues with video/audio calls)
    3. Gathering logs (issues with Janus/conference calls)
  8. General

    1. I receive “Token is required” error?
    2. What are the server side requirements for installation QuickBlox?
    3. When using the 'Custom Objects', is there an API to get a list of all classes?
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