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How can I retrieve chat dialogs and message history for my application?

You can retrieve all chat dialogs and message history for each application via Admin panel.

In order to do it, please follow the next steps:

1. Log into your Admin panel.

2. Choose an application.

3. Select the Chat section from the left sidebar.

4. Select to display 100 records per page and mark all checkboxes on the page.

5. Click on the Export history button at the bottom of the page.

6. Do the same steps for other pages in the Chat section.

Please note that this option is available only for QuickBlox paid plans.
If you would like to moderate chat messages in real-time, please check our documentation about Trust & Safety feature.

Feel free to check our official documentation for more information that will help you to integrate QuickBlox services into your applications / projects or contact our Support team by submitting a ticket if you have any other questions.

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