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I receive "Failed to create EGL context", why? (Android SDK)

Usually the issue is caused by exceeding the limit of contexts created.Creating EGL context several times leads to this crash on EglBase.create() method when the limit point is reached.

Make sure that there are not too many created eglContexts.
The limit of created eglContexts depends on a type of device. According to WebRTC's documentation, calling .release() should handle that issue in some cases.

Here is the link to Stackoverflow for reference:

In addition, the issue was previously reported to the WebRTC developers, and at this time this issue is not going to be fixed

The issue usually (it depends from the gathered logs) happens in org.webrtc.EglBase14.createEglContext which is called from org.webrtc.EglRenderer.init which is called by org.webrtc.SurfaceViewRenderer.init and finally is called by your application and QuickBlox SDK (org.webrtc.SurfaceViewRenderer).

If you have any additional questions, feel free to submit a ticket to our Support team and we will help with all your efforts.

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