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Push Notifications

Push Notifications module provides powerful and simple to use API to subscribe your users to push & email notifications and send them.

- Offline messages. Send a chat message when a recipient is offline.
- Offline calls. Make a video/audio call with offline opponents.
- Requests to contact list. Send requests to add a user to the contact list.
- Messages Queue. Notifications can be sent either instantly or assigned a specific time/date and pushed into a Message Queue allowing to send delayed and recurring messages such as planned marketing announcements or any planned notifications for the better engagement of the users.
- Recurring notifications. Set up a time interval and the message will be repeated automatically by the server.
- User tags. Send notifications to specific user groups defined by tags.

You can read more information about QuickBlox Server API in our official documentation.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to submit a ticket to our Support team and we will help with all your efforts.

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