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A new version of Conference Java Sample has been released

Release notes:

  • - new functionality for making multi-user calls;
  • - new functionality regarding managing conference calls;
  • - the sample shows how to make the application with chats and calls independently and how to link independent conference functionality with independent chat functionality;
  • - the sample application shows how to interact with audio- and video-tracks;
  • - more developer-friendly structure of the sample application;
  • - added developer-friendly base architecture and semantics;
  • - new feature for conference sample - calls in the background;
  • - new feature for conference sample - screen sharing the device screen (even when the sample in the background - user who make screen-sharing can show other applications, system settings, etc.) for each conference opponent;
  • - new feature for conference sample - streams - when there is one publisher in - multi-user call;
  • - the sample application shows how to interact with chat during the call;
  • - the sample application shows how to use Service to handle a call and all call events;
  • - the source code contains tips to add for example video- and file-sending functionality, fullscreen app style, typing status in chat, messages statuses, messages context-menu, etc.;
  • - all data in the sample application stores in RAM and every developer can use his own data-storage to decrease traffic;
  • - push-notifications functionality regarding the chat notifications;
  • - a lot of improvement to make the implementation easier and clear.

Overall description, general functional requirements, screens and detailed sample descriptions  you can find in Conference Samples SRS .
Link for source:

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