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Is it possible to access direct URL of a public image using blob id?

Yes, it is possible. You can upload blob and make it public, e.g:

[QBContent TUploadFile:file fileName:@"Great Image" contentType:@"image/png" isPublic:YES delegate:self];

// QuickBlox queries delegate
- (void)completedWithResult:(Result *)result{
    // success result
        if([result isKindOfClass:QBCFileUploadTaskResult.class]){
            QBCFileUploadTaskResult *res = (QBCFileUploadTaskResult *)result;
            NSString *publicUrl = res.uploadedBlob.publicUrl;

For more information, please visit: Content (

For example, here is the link to the corresponding section in iOS documentation: Content | iOS SDK | QuickBlox

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